Plan Drawings

PRP Site Plan 2014
PRP Site Plan 2014
Dorm First Floor
Dorm First Floor
Dorm Second Floor Plan
Dorm Second Floor


Plan Details

The Phase 1 Construction plan will include the foundation for all the new buildings, new parking spaces, and new residences for the monks.  The Abbot and Board of Directors determined that new dormitories for the monks were the first priority.  The monks have been living in various buildings on the Temple property that are very old and in badly need of repair.  The parking at the Temple was our second priority as the current dirt lot and existing parking spaces are inadequate for the Temple’s needs.

Phase 1 Construction will include the following:

  • Approximately 94 Parking Spaces
  • Dormitory- 8 Bedrooms
  • Dormitory-Dining Room
  • Dormitory- Office
  • Dormitory- Additional bathrooms and storage